Monday, 17 December 2012

Challenges ahead for food & drink manufacturing as migration falls by a quarter

According to the Office of National Statistics net migration has fallen by 25% this year, largely driven by a reduction in international students and workers coming to the country.
The government will no doubt be pleased with these recent figures as there has been a focus on bringing net migration down. Over the past two years the government has set an annual limit on working visas for migrants outside of Europe; limited to 20,700 for the next two years.
Up until March 2012, the number of people entering the UK minus people leaving fell to 183,000 from 240,000 the previous year – this has been the lowest number for immigration since 2004.
The fall in migration to the UK is sure to create challenges for the food and drink manufacturing industry in particular as their workforce is historically largely reliant on migrant labour. 

City jobs market in decline

According to recent data from Astbury Marsdon, there has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of City jobs available. The data suggests that the jobs market has suffered it's worse November for job creation in more than 5 years.
  • 1,790 jobs created in November 2012 compared to 3,700 in November 2008
  • 13,000 new city jobs were created in the City jobs boom in 2007
David Cameron had also expressed concern regarding the job market slowing down in the city.
"We should be worried that the City is now creating so few job opportunities. I am hoping that policy makers will take a sensible approach to the City when they are reviewing future changes such as the possible ring fencing of investment banks, so that in making the system safer more finance jobs are not needlessly lost."

Unemployed youth should become priority

The Institute for Policy Research (IPPR) has warned that despite a recent fall in UK unemployment and extra 200,000 people could be out of work next year.
  • Unemployed under 25’s are likely to top one million in 2013
  • Based on the forecast from Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) 86,000 16-24 year olds would be claiming Jobseekers allowance next year
  • It will continue to be tough for young people and the long term unemployed in 2013
The Chancellor, George Osborne has said that 1.2 million jobs have been created in the private sector since May 2010 – 600,000 more than previously forecast by the OBR.
The government have been urged to guarantee paid work (minimum wage or above) to anyone who has been out of work and claiming job seekers allowance for more than 12 consecutive months. 

Temporary and permanent recruitment on the rise

The UK has seen the fastest rate of recruitment for temporary jobs since March 2011 demonstrating and increase in employer confidence to hire people.
The survey by Recruitment and Employment Confederation has also revealed that the recruitment of permanent staff through agencies has risen to the fastest rate since April 2011 last month whilst the number of unfilled positions also rose strongly.
The key points to note from the REC/KPMG report are:
  • Permanent placements rise at fastest rate for 19 months
  • Strongest increase in temp billings since March 2011 
  • Sharper expansion of job vacancies 
  • Robust demand from private sector offsets public sector weakness
  • Pay growth remains muted
View the whole report here

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Christmas boost to the UK jobs market

It's that time of year again when many employers are struggling to cope with the rush and increased demand on supplying good and services at this time of year.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Business leaders: 'Community engagement is still key'

INSPIRATIONAL workers were rewarded at a business partnership organisation event that sent a powerful message to the working world - community engagement is still key.
Slough Business Community Partnership (SBCP) - which supports companies to develop their own corporate responsibility strategy and engage in the community - held its annual conference at Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel, in Langley, on Thursday.

Employment outlook remains positive for the rest of the year

Employment is forecast to grow steadily throughout the rest of 2012 according to the latest CIPD Labour Market Outlook report, released today.  Net employment intentions – the difference between the proportion of employers that intend to increase total staffing levels and those that intend to decrease total staffing levels – remain positive for the third quarter of 2012 at +7, compared to +5 during the previous 3 months. This is the third consecutive quarter of projected growth recorded by the CIPD’s Labour Market Outlook report, continuing the actual labour market trends recorded over the last six months.

Friday, 16 November 2012

itemps | isultancy | goldtime | sarfraz murtaza | Goldteam

itemps | isultancy | goldtime | sarfraz murtaza | Goldteam

Successful local business development at Heathrow

For the 16th year BAA Heathrow Meet the Buyers gave local small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to network with other local companies. Goldteam attended as both buyers and suppliers creating a great platform for a face to face meeting to discuss business opportunities.
With 60+ buyers and 300+ suppliers in attendance in some what of a speed dating setup, it was a fantastic opportunity to inititate professional relationships with many businesses we may not of had the opportunity to do previously do so. Heathrow meet the Buyers (HMTB) is a cost effective and time saving method of getting local buyers and suppliers together to encourage grow and opportunities for all.
Goldteam will most definitely be in support of HMTB 2013!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Goldteam Recruitment Agency

Goldteam delivers flexible and reliable services to meet the ever changing business needs of clients large or small, be it just one temporary person for a single day, a team for a month or recruiting permanentstaff. Goldteam provides fully managed outsource solutions for many of our clients and provide personnel to companies large and small, from a significant number of household names to blue-chip multinationals

Monday, 12 November 2012

Positive employment news on the horizon according to CIPD Press Release

Good news for job seekers as for the remainder of 2012 it has been forcasted
that employment will continue to grow.
  • Net employment intentions remain positive for the 3rd quarter of the year at +7
    compared to +5 in the previous 5 months. 
  • As well as a rise in permanant employment, there has been an increase
    in part-time and temporary employment wit 24% of people hired on a
    part-time working arrangements
  • 21% increase in the proportion of temporary workers during the next 12 months
    The 3 main reasons business have increased the number of temporary workers are:
  1. Fitting around the demands of their business cycle (30%)
  2. Uncertain economic outlook (37%)
  3. To lower the short-term costs (25%)
In consequence, we can exepect to increase a slower rise in unemployment
To view full CIPD press release in full click here.
To see what job opportunities Goldteam currently have on offer Search our current jobs.
Alternatively if you are in the process of increasing your staff numbers visit our
Employer section to see how Goldteam can make your hiring process cheaper,
faster and better!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Community Engagement is still key

'Community engagament is still key' was the main message Slough Business Commnuity Partnership annual conference at Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel, in Langley, on Thursday (1st Nov).  
Goldteam Recruitment MD and recently appointed Chairman of the SBCP, Rafiq Chohan said, "It was the biggest ever turnout. We just want to raise the profile of our work and raise the community engagement. In this time of austerity it is important the sectors work together."

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Goldteam achieves ISO 9001 status again!

We are really pleased with this result and the Auditor’s complimentary remarks about our achievement. Goldteam Recruitment Limited  regards recertification as a very important recognition of our continuing efforts to stay at the cutting edge of the Recruitment industry, in that it implies “What we say we do, We do!”

Goldteam excell in staff training

In late 2006, the director at Goldteam Recruitment Limited decided to embark on and finance a rigourous program of  Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) training and certification for its team of recruitment staff.

Goldteam successfully achieves GLA Audit and Relicencing

On Monday the 19 February 2007 the Gangmaster Masters Licensing Authority (GLA) recently carried out the annual audit of Goldteam Recruitment Limited, to ensure that we are conformant with all requirements of our license. We have been holders of the license for over a year now, and we successfuly passed the current audit. The GLA exists to safeguard the welfare and interests of workers, whilst ensuring that labour providers operate within the law.