Monday, 12 November 2012

Positive employment news on the horizon according to CIPD Press Release

Good news for job seekers as for the remainder of 2012 it has been forcasted
that employment will continue to grow.
  • Net employment intentions remain positive for the 3rd quarter of the year at +7
    compared to +5 in the previous 5 months. 
  • As well as a rise in permanant employment, there has been an increase
    in part-time and temporary employment wit 24% of people hired on a
    part-time working arrangements
  • 21% increase in the proportion of temporary workers during the next 12 months
    The 3 main reasons business have increased the number of temporary workers are:
  1. Fitting around the demands of their business cycle (30%)
  2. Uncertain economic outlook (37%)
  3. To lower the short-term costs (25%)
In consequence, we can exepect to increase a slower rise in unemployment
To view full CIPD press release in full click here.
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