Thursday, 1 November 2012

Goldteam excell in staff training

In late 2006, the director at Goldteam Recruitment Limited decided to embark on and finance a rigourous program of  Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) training and certification for its team of recruitment staff.
The training program for the staff began on Wednesday 10th January and saw participants taking part in a total of 10 training days over the course of a three month period.  The training period finished in the middle of April, providing Goldteam's staff with time to revise for their Certificate in Recruitment Practice (CertRP) examinations, which took place on Thursday 3rd May 2007.
The CertRP examination is the precursor qualification each candidate must have in order to apply to the Recruitment Employment Confederation for membership status, MREC.  The MREC is a prized and much sought after award within the industry, and it is now set to become the defacto standard recruitment award for serious recruiters practicing in the UK.
The benefits of this training, qualification and MREC award are obvious to the recruiters themselves and to Goldteam Recruitment Limited, but what benefits does it hold for the company's existing and prospective clients?
Recruitment professionals are always making decisions that impact on candidates, clients and themselves.  Individual REC membership provides opportunities for individuals to ensure they maintain and increase their personal and professional knowledge, status and skills.  Membership assures clients and candidates of Goldteam staff members' professionalism and commitment to best industry practice.
In a competitive marketplace, you need to gain and keep the edge, and REC membership provides recruitment professionals with the tools, kudos and status needed to acquire and retain that edge.

The results that Goldteam's staff has achieved really is worthy of praise, especially considering the fact that each staff member has been working flat out since the course started, to ensure their usual daily work load is dealt with too.
On Thursday 17th May, Goldteam Recruitment's Director laid on a buffet lunch with an impromptu awards ceremony.  At this event, Andrew Carr, REC head of training, presented the Cert RP qualification certificates to all of Goldteam's successful candidates.  Also in attendace was Steve Berry, a senior ISO auditor with Certified Quality Systems Limited.  He took some time off to celebrate the candidate's success, from carrying out the recruitment firm's second annual ISO9001 Quality Assurance Audit, which Goldteam is pleased to announce that we have, once again, passed with flying colours.
The staff at Goldteam Recruitment would like to thank the company's directors, Naveed Ahmed (MD) and Azim Dad (GM) for their foresight and generosity in offering the REC training program to them.

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